Our Mission
Working in close partnership with supplier and customers, we aim to be the first choice supplier of sustainable fresh and frozen quality seafood products to the UK market

"A successful business depends on relationships built on trust and a shared passion to deliver quality of both product and service. At NESI we’ve worked hard to achieve success for our business, our customers and for those we work with around the world, whilst remaining sensitive to our responsibility for the environment. We’ve also remembered to have fun along the way!”
Fred Stroyan, Founder, NESI

New England Seafood is a major supplier of fresh and frozen premium sustainable fish and seafood in the UK and one of the largest importers of fresh tuna. Our customers are: the UK’s leading supermarkets including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose; as well as smaller retail outlets; restaurant chains; food service markets and wholesale sectors nationwide.

We source in excess of 30 species of wild and farmed fish and seafood from over 40 countries worldwide and our expertise lies in a passion for responsible sourcing, as well as value-adding, turning our raw material into a hand-crafted product that tastes as good as being homemade and is from a trusted source.

Our beginnings
Having started his working life in the seafood industry at the age of seventeen, Fred Stroyan, our chairman, established New England in 1991 and built the company from scratch.

How we work
Respect for the environment, natural resources and people are top priorities at New England Seafood - alongside a commitment to quality and service at every step in the supply chain. This ethos is the driving force for the way we do business – from the suppliers we work with and how our fish are caught, selected and processed - to high operating standards and strong “team spirit” at our processing plant near London.

We believe that our passion for sustainable sourcing, combined with our people-led approach and rigorous attention to quality and service, set us apart as one of the UK’s leading seafood suppliers.

Our Values
Our People